ABYOND is a box for ideas. It’s a box containing timeless treasures, which we found out there, hidden. 


Abyond’s music comes straight from the heart, from the need of creating art, which is born in emotions, in pain, in love, in anger, still, whole and finished, and telling a story. Abyond wants to pay respect to the listeners by challenging them.

Abyond wants to be a trusted friend, to whom the artists can tell their deepest desires, hidden fears, the most naive hopes and darkest thoughts with their creation. 

No matter what the genre is, because Abyond is not after a genre. 


Abyond is a record label, a publishing group, a graphic design studio called An’packd and it also owns Last Take, a professional studio in Berlin. The studio offers professional services, from recording to mixing, from mastering to production.